Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stackin' the wood

It's been a long week. Making progress on my DP again after a couple day drought. Not having DP this week really put me into a funk. I get most of my motivation to work on it when I have class and get input and see what everyone else is doing. I just finished up with another scene from the beginning of the piece. I have the first 30 seconds animated along with some other random spots throughout the piece including the last scene. I am off from work tomorrow so it will be entirely a DP/Portfolio day. I need to tweak my Portfolio montage and do some sketches for my web site and business cards. This is proving hard because i don't think I have a distinct style. I will probably end up using my DP aliens or variations of those. My website is in the process of being built for me too. I just need to get the domain name and figure out which pieces I want to put on the site.

Hopefully I can get some more DP done tonight at work...

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