Monday, February 25, 2008


Finally uploaded a drawing. This is one of the frames from my degree project. In this scene, the character on the left is my aunt and the one on the right is her boyfriend. The line in the audio is "My aunt comes with us sometimes with whatever guy shes dating at the time." The animation is of my aunt looking at her boyfriend and it morphs into different characters.

Eventually I'm going to scan in some backgrounds and do some color on the characters. Long way to go but I am making some progress.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stackin' the wood

It's been a long week. Making progress on my DP again after a couple day drought. Not having DP this week really put me into a funk. I get most of my motivation to work on it when I have class and get input and see what everyone else is doing. I just finished up with another scene from the beginning of the piece. I have the first 30 seconds animated along with some other random spots throughout the piece including the last scene. I am off from work tomorrow so it will be entirely a DP/Portfolio day. I need to tweak my Portfolio montage and do some sketches for my web site and business cards. This is proving hard because i don't think I have a distinct style. I will probably end up using my DP aliens or variations of those. My website is in the process of being built for me too. I just need to get the domain name and figure out which pieces I want to put on the site.

Hopefully I can get some more DP done tonight at work...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Been working all day. Tried posting a video of my work but it was compressed badly so I removed it. I should be able to surpass my goal for this week. I should be able to get about half of the animation done in the next 2 weeks. Maybe even more. I am excited about my project again. I went through a long period where I was not happy with it. Back to work time.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Native American Tribal Dance

What a long day. I had class 9-6. I managed to finish the long scene I've been working on. I'm excited. I just finished filling in the last photograph with a native american dance scene. Long story...

I didn't reach the goal I set for myself but I managed to finish a longer scene which I feel is just as good. I think I am going to try for my last goal again this week...At least 5 shots done by the end of the weekend...I feel like this is a really small goal so I am going to try to surpass it.

Now I'm going to do a little more animation tonight, then take a break and then animate all day tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

E.T. phone home

Got a big chunk of the final scene done tonight. The scene consists of 7 moving photographs being throw into a pile on screen. Each of the photos is another story that I don't actually tell in my DP. They are just quick references to stories that my family will understand and my audience may or may not find humor in. I also added a pop culture reference into one of the photos. Instead of doing a family story, I drew the scene from E.T. when E.T. and Elliot ride the bike by the moon. There are also going to be other pop culture references. I already have one of The Simpson's aliens in one scene and plan on adding quite a few more as I move along.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hard Candy

Working on the last scene of my DP tonight. I'm liking where it's going. Not 100% happy with it yet, but it's coming along.

We were watching the movie Hard Candy with Ellen Page. It is a really good movie...hard to watch though. Definately a movie to see. I got most of the scene done while I was watching it. I am gonna try to finish the scene within the next couple of days. It's going to be one of the longer sequences that I do.

I need to edit a trailer for Stop-Motion 2 tomorrow too. Plus class...tomorrow is gonna be a long day.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

DP Audio

I recorded my audio for my degree project today. I think I'm finally at the right place with the voiceover part of it. I have placed the animation that I have done over the audio at about the right places. There isn't much done but I feel like I'm making progress. I am gonna take a break tonight to watch the Super Bowl (obviously) but I am going to try and get at least 5 more shots done by next weekend.

Go Pats!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Degree Project

I have been working on my degree project for a while now. I am behind on it but have confidence that I'm going to finish it in time.

My project is about camping trips that my family has taken. To add a spin to it, all the characters are aliens and the trip takes place on another planet. I am doing the drawings in Flash and if there is time I am going to color it using Corel Painter.

Right now I have about 6 shots drawn out. I still have a long way to go but I should be able to get the animation done quickly, as long as the ideas come to me.

I am going to be re-recording my audio this weekend at some point also. The audio was one of my key problems last semester. I want to record the dialog myself but I can't get the ideas straight in my head when I'm speaking to the microphone.

I have to work tonight but should be able to get at least one shot done while I'm there.