Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break WoooooHoooooo!

Spring Break...I remember when that meant that I would be having fun. This past week consisted of work, homework, and being indoors the whole time. This is another scene from my DP. This is the closing scene where I mention other stories that occured that I don't go into detail on.

As of right now I have the first 55 seconds animated. Now I just need to get the other minute and a half done and then I can spend the next month coloring and re-audioing. 68 days until graduation....So scary...

Also, here is my business card that I have been working on. Did a little more work on it today.


gorditas99 said...
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Susan Chien said...

(sorry that deleted post was from me- I used the wrong username)

Anyway... I like the clouds on the business card!

68 Days? WTF MF?!